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About Us 40 + years Real Estate experience

About Me: Former Broker/Sales 40 yrs. Appraising 35 Yrs. Former Residential Field Assessor 20 years. Highly rated in Cook County. Called upon by tax appeal attorneys. When you appeal taxes you need the right ammunition to win. We will figure out what that is.

Your Home's Appraisal Value

We inspect your property according to accepted standards.  We then compare your amenities to similar sold properties and their prices.  We adjust plus and minus dollars for various items to determine a most probable final value estimate.

The Tax Appeal Process

This is not an appraisal, but an estimate of an appropriate tax assessment.   Barring unusual situations, we don't need to inspect the property.  We research sales in your area, compare your property, and convert  selling prices to  assessments.  No contingent fees.  For a very low fee, we provide you with a report which you include with your own tax appeal.   We also provide services for tax appeal Attorneys.  Cook County Illinois.

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What we do

We can assist homeowners, attorneys, landlords.  Appraisals:  We provide appraisals for selling, estates, partnerships, foreclosures.  You receive an independent estimate of value.  Rental Analysis:  For landlords we provide a rental analysis based on your competition.  Tax Assessment Appeals:  For owners and attorneys we provide a report with recent sales and market values, converted to assessments, on residential properties up to 6 units.  We are highly rated former residential assessors.  We also have associates that analyze commercial and industrial buildings.  Condo Conversions:  We can inspect your building and give you a report detailing what needs to be done to be saleable.  For Renovation and Resale, we do a similar report. 

Client Testimonials

Tom Guarino, Medinah Parks Commissioner:  Ron Napier has performed multiple appraisals on properties I have owned.  The Reports were always well done, and the estimates of value appeared to be in line with the market.  

Phil Orzech, Builder-Developer, Bartlett, Ill.:  Ron Napier has performed tax appeals on my property three times, being successful each time.  He saved me thousands of dollars.  

Preparing to sell your property

To determine an estimated selling price, you don't need an expensive, full appraisal.  For a modest fee, we provide a report with two years of sales and the selling prices, a graph of increase and decrease, the high, low, and median sale prices.  All done with similar properties as yours in the same area.  You will easily decide what price you should ask for your property.   

Book: Filing a Real Estate Tax Appeal in Illinois

With emphasis on Cook County.  This book will explain how to file a good tax appeal on your own, with the Assessor or Board of Review.  It is designed for the average owner.  It explains the Assessment system, Classification of properties, how to compare, and determine if you are over-assessed.  Available by mail for $19.95 (Includes shipping)   

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